The more this course moves forward, the more I recognize that it is hard to express your opinion in a group. Common group members watch everything you do and listen very carefully. Judgements are fastly made and wrong conclusions could be drawn, when someone acts or says something in a split moment. When a group makes a wrong observation, I automatically become more aware of my contribution. Moreover, I am disposed to with-hold my opinion.

Apart from that, I believe it is not always better to split up groups, in order to create more edges. Sometimes, a bigger source can be dexterous to connect different thoughts. It will drive the group process, when a person will be able to analyze all of these injections, and can come up with a good strategy or scenario. It is up to the common group members to take or leave this input. Out of my own experience, I conduct that it is better to not interrupt the group thinking and not to force my own thoughts too much. Because of the cultural differences, I have to consider my words and manners.

Referring to tasks, there can be made a distinction between average and arduous tasks. When we are dealing with a complicated task, I am motivated by being pre-occupied with it. If an ordinary task has to be fulfilled, I’d rather perish in the Hilton!lol




Crowdsurfing is very important. More important is that in the future, the outcome may not be as effective as possible. During class, a tremendous three horizon graph was shown in a video, wich explained us that there should be taken care of a business model in the future. Besides incremental changes due to water usage (Curry & Hodgson, 2005), also climate changes could likely occur.

Despite heavy measures, the environment could have to cope with setbacks. Since the time starts running. The same goes for the IDE-students. We have to ask ourselves what we will be in the future, and how one another will manage to reach that goal. 

Technology Stewardship

I practically know how to use all kinds of technology/apps, but I try to use them as least as possible. Particularly because I prefer straight, face to face conversations. Those are more clear and by that we will come to a better understanding, with less miscommunications. I don’t like most of the social media, because on certain websites, people manipulate their image on a large scale. The information can be perceived differently.

Apps are a supreme medium to share information. I use them everyday. I try not to do this in a social environment, because I’d rather see what happens around me, than being intensely busy with my phone. 

According to communication, I use Skype to keep in touch with contacts who live in foreign countries. When I need someone in Holland, I just give that person a call. Very old-fashioned, but also very efficient. 

Sept. 16

Today I’ve learned how there could be taken advantage out of the various componences the internet has to offer.
We were taught that the technology has developed itself in such a way, that we must be aware of the huge possibilities that come with this new form of industrialization. Within companies, several new features came up, correlating with the massive growth of internet. We also had a great maintenance with our coaches from the U.S., very extended questions were asked.